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Mystery Team - This Feeling (Official Video)

Directed, Edited and Colour Graded by Kristian Fitsall Shot by Joseph Laurence (@C3JProductions)

​Official Music Video for 'This Feeling' by Essex/London based Mystery Team. Breaking from their usual upbeat hip hop to bring an emotional summer ballad about unrequited love sung by RJ.

Filmed in 2018. Commissioned by O.Tape.

For this music video I wanted to give it an almost 16mm vintage style to fit with the nostalgic vibe of the song, which is why I chose to keep in some of more julty movements of the camera. I love the grade on this, I graded each camera set up with a different style, allowing the cuts between the add more life into what could be a dull, one location music video. I love RJ's performance in this. When shooting I asked him to go big on some takes, whilst on others remain more held back as if nervous, I think this matches nicely with the songs themes of holding back emotions against an incredibly powerful melody.

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