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Lavz - Long Day (Official Video)

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Directed by Kristian Fitsall Director of Photography and Edited by- Cody Leigh Stannard

Lavz tasked me with directing the music video for her latest single 'Long Day' which also included a monologue written by Lavz to introduce the song. Lavz came to Cody and I with the concept of being experimented on in a 'Stranger Things' style government facility by a group called the Peculiar People, a metaphor for her struggles with mental health. We fleshed this idea out into a narrative which we should shoot within two days. We were able to get access to film in a hospital ward, which we kitted out with lights to give a more neo sci-fi feel, adding a trippy surrealness to the video after Lavs is injected by the Peculiar People.

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